Information About General and Family Dentistry Services

At ACE Dental of Taylor, we proudly provide a varied range of general oral care procedures to help make certain your smile is both bright and healthy. Our exceptional practitioners conduct dental examinations, professional teeth cleanings, digital x-rays, and more to allow you and your kids to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Whether you are looking for children's dentistry, urgent dental care, or a different option, review our general and family dentistry procedures to find the customized dental care you need.

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Dental exams allow our team to detect oral health issues before they further develop and should be scheduled twice a year for you and your family.

Dental cleaning services are provided to remove built-up plaque and tartar in order to help you and your family maintain healthy, beautiful smiles.

We take digital dental x-rays during routine dental examinations to uncover any hidden issues among your teeth, within your jaw, or under your gums.

Advanced cone beam CT scans generate 3D digital images that enhance our abilities to more accurately diagnose and treat a range of dental conditions.

Dental sealants are a preventive solution that helps to protect the back teeth against cavities, as these teeth are at a higher risk for tooth decay.

Fluoride treatments are commonly recommended for patients of various ages to protect against tooth decay and help them maintain a healthy smile.

Family dental care is provided for patients of all ages to address both functional and aesthetic concerns and allow for improved oral health.

We proudly offer a range of pediatric dentistry services, from cleanings to pulpotomies and stainless steel crowns, in a fun, caring environment.

When the inner pulp of a tooth becomes infected or damaged, a root canal treatment may be necessary to save the tooth and improve oral health.

Nitrous oxide sedation dentistry is commonly used during routine or complex treatments to relieve mild to moderate dental anxiety in kids and adults.

Night guards are customized dental appliances used to protect the teeth and jaw against the damaging effects of teeth clenching or grinding (bruxism).

At ACE Dental of Taylor, we customize athletic mouth guards to help protect the smiles of children and adults who are active in all types of sports.

Oral appliance therapy may be used to help treat snoring and other symptoms of mild to moderate sleep apnea and protect your health and wellness.

Our emergency dentists provide effective urgent dental care to treat all types of emergencies, from toothaches and damaged teeth to broken dentures.

ACE Dental of Taylor proudly uses advanced dental technology, such as digital imaging and more, to enhance patient comfort and treatment outcomes.

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