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About Ridge Preservation?

At ACE Dental of Taylor, our team of skilled dentists offers ridge preservation to fortify and fill in empty sockets created when a tooth is extracted. By adding special bone grafting material to tooth sockets immediately following the removal of a tooth, we can help preserve the jawbone to support a dental implant in the future. The addition of this bone can help stimulate bone regeneration in the jaw and prevent the socket walls from caving inward, thus maintaining the solid foundation required for tooth replacement with implants. If you need to have a tooth removed and are considering a dental implant, meet with our Taylor, TX team and learn if ridge preservation can help enhance your treatment results!

Who Can Benefit From Ridge Preservation?

You may benefit from ridge preservation if you need to have a permanent tooth removed and wish to replace it with a dental implant. Ridge preservation can help counteract the bone deterioration that often occurs after a tooth has been lost and might help you avoid the need for other surgical bone grafts down the road. To determine if you are a good candidate for ridge preservation, the skilled team at ACE Dental of Taylor will assess your jawbone health and help you decide if ridge preservation for implant tooth replacement can meet your goals and needs.

What Is the Treatment Process?

Tooth extraction and ridge preservation procedures are performed from one of our state-of-the-art treatment rooms under local anesthesia. Nitrous oxide sedation may also be available to help relieve any dental anxiety if you feel nervous when receiving dental care. Our dentists will gently remove your tooth from the jaw and begin the ridge preservation procedure by adding healthy bone graft material directly to the vacant tooth socket. Biocompatible tissue regeneration factors, like proteins and collagen, may also be implemented to encourage bone regrowth and expedite healing. The gums will then be sutured over the site and instructions on caring for your mouth while you heal will be given by our team.

After Your Ridge Preservation Procedure

It is common to have minor tenderness and swelling after undergoing treatment for tooth extraction and ridge preservation. These symptoms can be alleviated with pain medication or cold packs applied to the face. For the next few days, we suggest eating a soft food diet and avoiding the use of straws, tobacco products, and spitting. We may schedule you to return to ACE Dental of Taylor in around 7 – 10 days to have the sutures removed. We encourage you to maintain good oral hygiene at home while you heal and following your procedure. Our dentists will assess the treatment site and help you decide when to move forward with the dental implant procedure.

Insurance Coverage for Your Care

Ridge preservation may be covered in part by some dental insurance policies. To understand your benefit coverage, our insurance specialist will contact your provider and then create an estimate of what your personal expenses might be. ACE Dental of Taylor strives to bring affordable dental options to patients in our community and accepts several convenient payment methods. Our business team will be happy to help you select a solution that best meets your financial needs.

Prepare Your Jaw for Dental Implants

Creating a strong foundation for a future dental implant can often be accomplished with a ridge preservation procedure. Ridge preservation at ACE Dental of Taylor adds bone grafting material to vacant tooth sockets following an extraction procedure. To learn more about preparing for implants with bone grafting services, schedule a visit at our Taylor, TX practice.

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