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What Is Bone Grafting?

A healthy jawbone is essential for proper oral function and to support both natural teeth and dental implants. If you are interested in a dental implant for tooth replacement, yet have had bone loss due to gum disease, trauma, or tooth loss, the general dentists at ACE Dental of Taylor may recommend a bone grafting procedure. Bone grafting is an oral surgery treatment that rebuilds areas of deterioration to rebuild a jawbone foundation strong enough to hold a dental implant. Get in touch with our comprehensive Taylor, TX practice today for more on how a bone graft might increase your candidacy for implant dentistry. Our skilled team uses advanced technology to plan for and perform bone grafting procedures and help increase dental implant success for our patients.

Is a Bone Graft Right for You?

Bone grafting may be ideal if bone loss has left insufficient structure to support a future dental implant or natural teeth. Several factors may cause jawbone loss, including advanced gum disease, prolonged tooth loss, or a jaw injury. When natural teeth are lost, the underlying bone starts to deteriorate, leaving behind an indentation in the arch. As a result, there may be inadequate bone structure to support replacing those teeth with dental implants. A bone graft procedure from ACE Dental of Taylor can regenerate bone that has been lost and increase your candidacy to receive an implant. Overall, bone grafts can improve oral function and health while helping to maintain a more youthful physical appearance.

The Treatment Process

The bone grafting process will largely depend on the source of the grafting tissue and the quantity of bone needed. Bone grafting procedures generally include one of the following approaches:

  • Autografts: Bone tissue is taken from your own body, often the back of the jaw or chin.
  • Allografts: Healthy bone tissue is sourced from another human being.
  • Alloplasts: Synthetic bone grafting materials incorporated from biocompatible sources.
  • Xenografts: Bone samples are derived from an animal, typically bovine (cow) in nature.

After the bone grafting material is prepared, we will numb your mouth and create an incision in the gums to access your jawbone. The grafting material will be positioned within your jaw, and tissue regeneration factors (like collagen and proteins) may be added to help stimulate natural bone growth. Sutures will then be placed to close the area.

Recovery Following Bone Grafting

It is common to notice minor swelling and jaw tenderness following a bone grafting procedure. Prescription pain relievers and cold packs against the jaw may be recommended to help keep you comfortable. Over the next nine months, your bone graft should fuse with your jaw (osseointegration) to form a solid foundation. It is vital to keep good brushing and flossing habits each day and other oral hygiene tips provided by the ACE Dental of Taylor team throughout this time. When your bone graft has healed and is ready for a dental implant, we can then move forward with your tooth replacement procedure.

Are Bone Grafts Covered by Insurance?

If you carry dental insurance, our billing team will review your plan to learn if coverage for bone grafting is offered. To help make any out-of-pocket costs less of a financial concern, ACE Dental of Taylor accepts a range of affordable payment options. We want you to get the treatment needed for a healthy smile and will help you explore budget-friendly solutions, including medical financing.

Prepare for Implant Success

A healthy jawbone is key to enjoying a healthy, functional smile and a more youthful appearance. Bone grafting from the experienced dentists at ACE Dental of Taylor can regenerate lost bone to rebuild a jaw healthy enough for dental implants. Book your consultation with our talented Taylor, TX team, and learn how a bone grafting procedure might help you prepare for dental implant success!

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