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What is Night Guard Therapy?

Patients of all ages may experience the effects of bruxism, which is the common habit of grinding or clenching the teeth. While bruxism often occurs during sleep, patients may also engage in this habit throughout the day. Teeth grinding or clenching is frequently identified by a flattening of enamel surfaces but may also result in headaches, tooth pain, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, and additional issues. To protect your oral health, ACE Dental of Taylor offers custom night guard therapy. Night guards are dental appliances made of high-grade resin that is worn over the upper or lower teeth at night to protect against bruxism effects. If you think you are grinding or clenching your teeth, get in touch with our Taylor, TX office and learn if a night guard can help.

Who should get a night guard?

Having a custom night guard made may be helpful in protecting your TMJ, teeth, and other oral structures while you sleep. You may benefit from night guard therapy if you have any of the following signs or symptoms of a bruxism habit:

  • Chipped or worn enamel
  • Jaw pain or tension
  • Morning headaches
  • Loose or damaged fillings
  • Facial tenderness or swelling
  • Tooth sensitivity or gum recession

Teeth grinding and clenching habits are often initiated by stress but may also result in part from misaligned teeth, uneven chewing surfaces, sleep disorders, or TMJ problems. When the ACE Dental of Taylor dentists make a bruxism diagnosis, they also try to identify the cause to help further customize your care.

How is a night guard made?

To begin the process, our team will take impressions of your upper and lower arches. Along with special instructions on fabricating your custom appliance, these images will be sent to a dental lab where your night guard will be made of a durable resin material. When it is finished and arrives in our office, we will schedule you to return to ACE Dental of Taylor to have it fitted. Our dentists may make small adjustments, if needed, to ensure your device fits securely yet comfortably in your mouth. Instructions on caring for your night guard will also be provided at that time.

How do you care for your night guard?

In order for your night guard to properly work, it will need to be worn each night. A custom night guard keeps your top and bottom teeth from touching and grinding together, which can help preserve your oral health and reduce stress on your jaw. In some instances, we may combine night guard therapy with other treatments, including palliative therapies, to help ease your comfort and protect your oral structures. We encourage you to clean and care for your appliance after each use and store it in a safe place. Please bring your guard with you to future visits at ACE Dental of Taylor so our team can ensure it continues to meet your needs.

How much does a night guard cost?

A portion of night guard appliances may be covered by some dental insurance plans. Before getting started, a member of our billing team will review your benefits and let you know of any estimated personal costs. If you do have any out-of-pocket expenses, we can also help you select a budget-friendly option among the selection of affordable payment methods available at ACE Dental of Taylor.

Protect your teeth from nocturnal bruxism

Though teeth grinding and clenching may be common, these habits can cause discomfort, damage, TMJ pain, and a host of other oral issues. At ACE Dental of Taylor, our experienced team offers custom-made night guards to help relieve these unpleasant symptoms and protect your oral health. Do not let bruxism cause further stress for your smile. Get in touch with our Taylor, TX facility today to reserve your night guard consultation.

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