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what is Emergency Dental Care?

A dental emergency can happen at any time and may bring discomfort and stress to your life. At ACE Dental of Taylor, our skilled emergency dentists are here to deliver the swift, personalized care you need when a dental emergency occurs. Urgent dental needs may arise from sports, workplace slip-and-falls, accidents, or other events. No matter the cause of your emergency, our caring team strives to provide same-day emergency dentistry whenever possible. We treat all types of dental emergencies at our Taylor, TX facility, from toothaches and gum abscessed to knocked-out and broken teeth, and offer quality, affordable emergency treatment. Even if you do not experience pain, we urge you to seek care from our team right away.

When is seeing an emergency dentist necessary?

It is important to contact our practice promptly if you or a loved one suffers damage or trauma to the jaw, teeth, gums, or lips. Our friendly team can help you decide when to come in, suggest tips on protecting your tooth or restoration until you arrive, and offer tips on minimizing any tooth pain. At ACE Dental of Taylor, we commonly treat a variety of dental emergencies, including:

  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Infected or abscessed teeth
  • Dislodged or damaged crowns or fillings
  • Broken dentures or bridges
  • Toothaches or oral pain
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Injuries to the tongue, cheeks, gums, or lips

Please visit the emergency room right away if an injury to the face, jaw, neck, or head occurs. Once your condition is stabilized, we can work with you to help treat any dental concerns.

what should I expect during my emergency dental visit?

When you arrive for your emergency visit, our emergency dentists will examine your mouth and determine your unique treatment needs. We will work as quickly as possible to restore your dental health and the appearance of your smile while alleviating any discomfort you may have. Digital imaging may be used to check for hidden damage in the jaw or teeth. Since even small injuries can progress into greater concerns, it is best to visit an emergency dentist at ACE Dental of Taylor right away to generate the best outcomes for your health. After we have evaluated and fully understand your condition, we will help you determine the ideal treatment solution for your dental emergency.

What is recovery like following Dental Emergencies? 

We will strive to complete your dental procedure during your urgent care visit; however, there may be times where follow-up appointments are required. Instructions on caring for your mouth as you heal will be provided. Prescription for antibiotics or pain medications may also be given and should be taken as indicated. Our team can also talk with you about preventing future dental emergencies, such as by wearing a mouth guard when playing sports. Maintaining a good hygiene routine at home each day can help keep your mouth in good health. When you visit ACE Dental of Taylor for routine visits, our dentists will continue to track your healing progress.

Will insurance cover urgent dental care?

If you carry dental insurance, our business staff will review your plan and help you get the most of your coverage before calculating any personal costs. ACE Dental of Taylor strives to alleviate both the physical and financial stress of dental emergencies. Along with offering affordable emergency dental care, we also accept a wide range of convenient payment options. We encourage you to not delay emergency care over cost, as this could result in more concerning health issues.

Get Same-Day treatment for your smile

Dental emergencies, like tooth pain, broken teeth, or loose fillings, can interrupt your daily life and comfort. When this occurs, the emergency dentists at ACE Dental of Taylor are here to provide the fast, efficient urgent dental care you need to get back to enjoying your smile. For same-day emergency dental care from a trusted Taylor, TX team, contact our practice right away.

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