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are Digital Dental X-Rays necessary?

Our team of dental professionals at ACE Dental of Taylor uses a digital x-ray system to detect oral health problems that are not always noticeable to the naked eye in order to obtain a better understanding of your dental health. Taken in your dental exam visits and specific procedures, digital x-rays (radiographs) allow our team a more detailed, diagnostic image of the interior parts of your teeth and jaw. Several oral issues could only be noticed on x-rays, including cavities in between teeth, cysts, tooth impactions, and bone loss. When these problems are detected early on, you can experience much more effective and less invasive procedure options. Learn more about digital x-rays and when they may be most beneficial to you by contacting our Taylor, TX to schedule your initial consultation. 

who should get digital x-rays?

Individuals of any age can be optimal candidates for digital x-rays. A crucial part of a dental exam, emergency care, and other procedures, dental x-rays uncover oral health conditions that have gone otherwise undetected. In order to uncover tooth decay located between teeth and under restorations, cysts, tumors, abscesses, curved roots, unerupted and impacted teeth, and malpositioned teeth, x-rays are utilized during the majority of dental exams. Even though digital imaging transmits much less radiation compared to film x-rays and is most often safe for the majority of patients, ACE Dental of Taylor limits patient exposure. Those who are or may be pregnant need to let our team know prior to receiving x-rays so special considerations may be taken.

How do digital x-rays work?

Taken on a preventive basis (at routine exam visits), during dental emergencies, and as needed during the course of care, digital x-rays typically take less than five minutes to complete and are generally more comfortable than traditional films. To start your process, our dental team will place a digital sensor in your mouth next to your teeth and quickly take the x-ray. After they are taken, the images of your teeth and jawbone will be immediately transmitted to our computer system. A member of our team will review your x-rays with you, identifying any areas of concern, and formulate a treatment plan for any dental health services.

How often should you have dental x-rays?

The majority of patients will need to have a series of bitewing x-rays taken each year. This helps our dental team to screen for tooth decay and bone loss and determine any treatment needs before the problem develops further. Every 3 – 5 years, a full series or panoramic x-rays may be taken to show all areas of the mouth and allow our team to assess the health of your jaw, orthodontic needs, and other oral health considerations. If you are experiencing tooth pain, a broken tooth, or other acute conditions, a periapical x-ray (of the whole tooth and immediate area) could be taken to determine your needs. Once they are taken, your x-rays will be saved on your digital patient chart to be reviewed by you and our team during your care.

How much do radiographs cost?

In most cases, dental insurance plans will cover digital x-rays on a routine basis and when needed for treatment. Due to the fact that coverage could vary among plans, our financial specialist will reach out to your provider to determine your benefits and calculate any out-of-pocket costs. ACE Dental of Taylor is proud to accept several flexible financing options, such as low-interest payment plans.

Innovative dental Care With Digital x-rays

As an innovative technology, digital x-rays can be used to uncover hidden oral health issues for our patients. For both preventive and emergency dental care, digital dental x-rays offer a highly diagnostic image of your teeth and jaw that can help our dental team to treat concerns early before they further impact your health and functionality. Contact ACE Dental of Taylor to learn more and to schedule your initial consultation. 

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