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What are 3D Cone Beam CT Scans?

Digital x-rays produce a two-dimensional diagnostic view of your jawbone and teeth. However, at times, our general dentists may prefer a more advanced, 360-degree view in order to best meet your needs. At ACE Dental of Taylor, we use cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), which is an advanced scanning system that generates 3D images of the jawbone, nerves, teeth, and other oral structures. These cone beam CT scans let us study the full scope of dental conditions while heightening our diagnostic abilities and enabling us to plan for optimal outcomes. Our Taylor, TX dentists use CBCT technology in a number of scenarios, from extracting teeth and placing dental implants to cosmetic dentistry services. Talk with our team today for more on how 3D cone beam images might enhance your treatment results and ultimately the health of your smile.

Is 3d imaging right for me?

Cone beam imaging may be extremely effective for evaluating a range of oral health needs in patients of all ages. Among younger patients, cone beam CT scans are used to assess eruption patterns, jaw development, and changes in dental and facial structures. These 3D images can reveal highly useful information throughout orthodontic treatment, especially regarding jaw and tooth alignment. Cone beam scans may also provide in-depth diagnostic information about tumors, cysts, and oral diseases. Additionally, this technology helps to increase treatment accuracy during procedures, like crowns and bridges, complex oral surgeries, and tooth replacement with dental implants, along with others.

What does a cbct scan do?

For many patients, 3D imaging may be an essential component of a comprehensive dental examination. Though the cone beam scanning process is akin to having digital x-rays completed, the CT machine will quickly rotate in a complete circle around your head. As it moves, the scanner will take incredibly detailed images of your mouth, jaw, and face, transmitting a full-mouth view to our computer system within seconds. In fact, the entire 3D imaging procedure takes under a minute to complete and is typically a comfortable process. Since cone beam digital imaging may expose patients to a low level of radiation, pregnant women (or those who could be pregnant) are advised to let our team know beforehand.

What happens after cbct scans?

After the CBCT scanning process is finished, our dentists will review these 3D images with you, taking care to point out any areas of concern and oral checkpoints. We will then talk with you about your dental needs and present your treatment options. Overall, cone beam images at ACE Dental of Taylor better enable us to partner with and guide you in making educated, informed choices about your health. In addition, the details offered by 3D oral imaging can help minimize the chance of complications during dental treatments.

How much does cbct cost?

CBCT services may be partially covered under a number of dental insurance policies. Before beginning the cone beam CT process, a member of our staff will contact your provider to learn about your specific benefits. If you have personal costs for your care, we will talk with you about the affordable payment options accepted at ACE Dental of Taylor. Our caring team will also be happy to help you explore and apply for low-interest healthcare financing.

benefit from cone beam ct scans

ACE Dental of Taylor is proud to bring advanced cone beam computed tomography to enhance treatment outcomes for our patients' smiles. By utilizing CBCT scanning throughout the course of care, overall, this diagnostic technology better enables us to partner with and guide you in making educated, informed choices about your health. We improve diagnostic and treatment precision while minimizing the chance of oral complications. To learn more about the benefits of 3D oral imaging, please book a consultation at our state-of-the-art Taylor, TX facility today.

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