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Is Invisalign Faster Than Braces?

Feb 15, 2024599 Views

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, there is nothing better than Invisalign and traditional braces. However, deciding which one is better than the other is a little difficult, especially with how different the two are. But one thing that most people wonder about is how long the procedure takes. Most of our patients ask us if Invisalign is faster than braces, but it is not an easy question to answer. That is why, in this blog, we have broken down all the factors that can help you decide between Invisalign and traditional braces, along with the total time they take.

Can You Whiten Your Dental Veneers?

Jan 30, 2024266 Views

Nowadays, veneers have gained a lot of popularity, especially for people looking to achieve a radiant and confident smile. Plus, given how thin veneers are, they can be applied to your teeth and almost immediately boost the appearance of your pearly whites.

Does Filling Cavities Hurt?

Jan 15, 2024796 Views

Dental fillings are one of the most common treatments for cavities, so much so that almost everyone gets a filling treatment at least once in their life. However, for those who have never undergone any kind of dental procedure, the first question they tend to ask is if filling oral cavities hurts — and we’re here to tell you just that! If you’re also curious about the filling process, make sure to keep reading this blog for more.

Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Bite into an Apple?

Dec 30, 2023754 Views

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” — You’ve probably grown up hearing this quote over and over again. But while an apple can banish away the doctors, it doesn’t save you from tooth pain. If anything, eating too many apples can bring a dentist closer to you. This is because eating too many apples can make your teeth hurt, causing tooth sensitivity. But why does this happen, and how do apples play a role in hurting your teeth? To find out, keep reading this blog.

What Types of Dental Sealants Do Dentists Use?

Dec 15, 20231138 Views

Maintaining a healthy smile is not as easy as it looks. Sure, brushing your teeth and flossing are important, but it takes more than just that to keep your pearly whites free of bacteria. One such way is by getting dental sealants.

How Long Does Your Tooth Bleed After Being Pulled Out?

Nov 30, 2023731 Views

If you recently had to undergo a tooth extraction, you might have been a little taken aback by the sheer amount of blood loss, wondering, "How long is this bleeding going to last?" Post-extraction bleeding is a concern for many of our patients. However, it is not something to worry about, as it is normal. It typically takes your mouth 12 to 24 hours to stabilize and create a blood clot, but it ultimately varies from person to person.

After Tooth Extraction, When Can You Start Eating Normally?

Nov 15, 2023713 Views

Wisdom tooth extraction is often labeled as an uncomfortable experience, but the idea of eating food afterward can be just as daunting. This is because right after the surgery, your mouth is in a vulnerable state. Eating solid foods can make it much worse, which is why dentists recommend sticking to a soft food diet for some time. But how long do you have to filter your diet, and when can you eat normally after wisdom tooth extraction again? In this blog, you will find all the answers you’re looking for regarding post-extraction diets as we map out the best foods for you to eat and enjoy.

Help! My Crown Fell Out — What Do I Do?

Oct 30, 20231187 Views

If you have a dental crown, you’re most likely used to the feeling of it by now. While it does take some time to get used to, once you do, it can melt right in with the rest of your teeth like it was meant to be. However, sometimes, small bits of fear can sneak their way in, making you wonder what would happen if your crown fell out.

Does Dry Mouth Increase the Risk of Tooth Decay?

Oct 15, 2023725 Views

Have you ever experienced the feeling of a dry, parched mouth? If so, you probably know that it can be more than just a little uncomfortable. Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is an oral condition that occurs when your salivary glands don't produce enough saliva. But while this may not seem dangerous, it can actually have adverse effects on your health, especially on your teeth.

8 Reasons Why Dental Exams Are Necessary for Your Dental Wellness

Sep 30, 2023968 Views

Dental exams can be monotonous and boring. You schedule an appointment, sit in the dentist’s chair for hours with your mouth wide open, and patiently wait as they poke inside your mouth. But no matter how tempting it may be to skip the schedule, dental appointments are very important. They help prevent potential issues by catching underlying dental problems early on.

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