How to Keep Teeth White While Wearing Invisalign® Aligners

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 10/06/2021

There are many ways you can keep your teeth white while wearing Invisalign aligners. Keep reading to find out how.


What To Know About Eating After Dental Implant Surgery

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 09/13/2021

A helpful guide on what foods to avoid after getting dental implants and which foods may be more comfortable to eat during dental implant recovery.


It is Not Too Late For A Back-to-School Dental Exam

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 08/10/2021

A back-to-school dental exam can help your child’s dental health. Even with school starting soon, it is not too late to schedule an exam.


Advice to Help Maintain Your Oral Health Between Routine Appointments

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 07/30/2021

To maintain your dental wellness, practicing ideal approaches will help mitigate many problems between dental exams.


What Health Concerns May Be Connected to Gum Disease?

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 07/23/2021

Gum disease not only affects your oral wellness, but it has been connected to more serious issues, including heart disease.


Does a Dental Makeover Rectify A Misaligned Bite?

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 07/16/2021

When the look of your smile has you feeling upset, a smile makeover by our dentists will allow you to attain a beautiful smile.


Reasons to Opt for Invisalign® Aligners Over Metal Braces

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 07/09/2021

People who yearn for a straighter, luminous smile without stress may learn about custom-made Invisalign trays.


How to Know When Your Oral Health Influences Cosmetic Dentistry Outcomes

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 06/25/2021

If you hope to boost the appeal and brightness of your smile, think about cosmetic dentistry options at our practice.


When You Should See a Dental Practitioner for a Dental Cap

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 06/18/2021

Dental crowns are a common form of restoration and are offered to improve the function of a cracked tooth.


Tips to Try in the Event That You Notice Gum Bleeding

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 06/11/2021

Gum bleeding could be an indicator of numerous problems, and the most prominent is gingivitis.


8 Reasons Why Dental Exams are Necessary for Your Dental Wellness

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 06/04/2021

The most beneficial way to ensure that your oral structures remain in great shape is to go to routine oral exams and teeth cleanings.


Read About Invisalign® Aligners and How They Might Enhance Your Smile

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 05/28/2021

Invisalign procedure is thought of as the most popular type of clear aligners and has boosted several smiles.


Some Ways to Tend to Your Cosmetic Veneers

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 05/21/2021

Cosmetic veneers are an incredibly renown aesthetic dental care treatment for people looking for radiant, balanced teeth.


Ways to Know When a Loose Oral Filling is a Dental Emergency

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 05/14/2021

Figure out when a lost tooth filling may lead to an oral emergency or more detrimental concerns without urgent care.


Ways Mouth Dryness Heightens the Likelihood of Developing Dental Caries

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 05/07/2021

Discovering things that could heighten your risk of tooth decay is critical when it comes to caring for your oral health.


Issues That a Dentist Can Detect At a Comprehensive Dental Exam

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 04/29/2021

Thorough dental exams are necessary to identify and treat a wide range of conditions, including tooth decay and cancer.


Discover How Often You Should Bleach Your Enamel for a Radiant Smile

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 04/23/2021

Discover more about how to sustain a brilliant smile with regular in-office teeth whitening sessions and home-based bleaching treatments.


What to Know About Your Diet and How it Impacts Your Dental Health

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 04/16/2021

Several types of foods and beverages work to impact the enamel and increase your chances for getting tooth decay.


The Primary Reasons Why You Shouldn't Procrastinate Your Dental Cleaning

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 04/09/2021

As it pertains to the health of your teeth, routine cleanings play an important role in detecting underlying issues.


Scenarios When Oral Discomfort Could Represent a More Severe Condition

The ACE Dental of Taylor Team | 03/30/2021

Find out more about the standard kinds of oral discomfort and whether you should get emergency attention from an experienced oral care practitioner.


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